SBB will support opposition's BiH Presidency candidate, Radoncic said

NEWS 19.05.2022 14:49

The Alliance for Better Future (SBB) will take part in Bosnia’s October general elections on its own, however, they will support the opposition's Presidential candidate Denis Becirovic, SBB Leader Fahrudin Radoncic said Thursday.

“The united opposition should have one candidate – it will go with one candidate and that man will have our absolute support,” he announced during the conference.

Radoncic noted that his party concluded that the appointment of their candidate could help the largest Bosniak centre-right Democratic Action Party’s (SDA) man win the race for the tripartite BiH Presidency, which they are trying to avoid.

“Our estimate is that 30 years later, new people will take responsibility,” said the SBB Leader.

The decision was made by secret ballot at the SBB leadership session, where only four members voted against this proposal.


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