Slovak citizen drowns while rafting in Bosnia

NEWS 18.05.2022 10:34 za N1

A 38-year-old Slovak citizen drowned Tuesday after a rafting boat capsized in the Una River, in the Strbacki Buk region.

The tragic case of the drowning of a person with the initials H.M. was also confirmed by the Una-Sana Canton Police Administration (USK).

“The Bihac Police Department received a telephone call about the capsizing of a rafting boat in the Strbacki Buk region, which at that time included four foreign citizens and skippers who were providing rafting services. During the intervention and getting out of the water, the skipper managed to save three foreigners, while the citizen of Slovakia H.M., unfortunately, drowned,” the USK Police spokesperson Adnan Beganovic said.

The on-duty medical team in Kulen Vakuf tried to save them with emergency response and resuscitation, but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

It was also confirmed that the investigative team of the criminal police will perform all investigative actions, with the aim of determining the cause and circumstances of this unfortunate event.


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