Bosnia's Banja Luka and Foca to host World Rafting Championship on Wednesday

NEWS 23.05.2022 12:40

Bosnian cities of Banja Luka and Foca will host the World Rafting Championship once more, which will be held on the Vrbas and Tara rivers from May 25 to June 1.

“From May 25 to June 1, 2022, the Vrbas and Tara rivers will welcome rafters from all over the world. The world's best rafters will measure their strength and skill on our rivers and enjoy exciting rapids and breathtaking landscapes. We are proud to be the organizers of the world's largest rafting festival in the R4 category,” the Kanjon Rafting Club said in a statement.

Banja Luka Mayor Drasko Stanivukovic said that this is one of the most important and biggest events because it is completely connected with what makes this city recognizable.

“We are aware of what our river, our Vrbas, represents to us. When you realize that rafting has become something that is traditional and recognizable for our city in only a few years, then it’s clear to all of us what kind of event this is. Rafting is certainly something that is inseparable from our city, from what makes our city recognizable,” said Mayor Stanivukovic.

A spokesperson for the World Rafting Championship, Mirna Samac, pointed out that the teams are already on their way, and that there is no doubt that this championship will meet all expectations, both of competitors and of fellow residents, but also tourists.

A total of 62 teams from 22 countries will take part in this championship.


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