Srebrenica Memorial Centre honours Holocaust victims

NEWS 27.01.2022 17:07

Srebrenica Memorial Centre marked the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in a symbolic way, conveying messages 'never again' and 'together, we remember'.

The Memorial Centre published a short video with the Srebrenica genocide survivors silently displaying messages in honour of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

‘Never again’, ‘Together we remember’, and ‘If we kept silent for a minute for every Holocaust victim, we would be silent for 11 and a half years’ – the Srebrenica genocide survivors said, conveying a message that those innocently killed in the holocaust will always be remembered.

The Memorial Center has taken activities aimed at establishing permanent cooperation with several memorials dedicated to preserving memories and researching the Holocaust through the ‘Truth, Dialogue, Future’ project implemented with the support of the UK Government the UK Embassy in Sarajevo.

“Together we remember, together we commemorate, and we want to tell the survivors of the Holocaust that they are not alone in their memory of their victims,” reads that Srebrenica Memorial Centre's message.



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