Islamic Community in BiH asks Covic to show proof or stop with false allegations

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Careva džamija u Sarajevu
Careva džamija u Sarajevu (IZu BiH)

The Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina reacted on Wednesday to, what they call, unfounded accusations by the leader of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), Dragan Covic, which he made as a guest on HRT on October 3 of this year.

Answering a question, Covic among other things, said:

“… You should follow over the last month, two days, how the votes, instructions and notes that went to each family were directed, even from the Islamic Community with very clear messages regarding how many votes go to the Izetbegovic family and how many go to [Zeljko] Komsic, so that there are no mistakes, as well as abroad, and in various other ways, so we don't have to worry at all about reaching those numbers.”

In their statement, the Islamic Community said that Covic continues to repeat the notorious untruths about the alleged interference of the IZ in BiH in the election of the Croat Presidency member and that he does so without any proof even after the IZ repeatedly denied these allegations and urged him not to damage good relations between religious communities in this way and not to put pressure on the Islamic Community.

“The Islamic community invites Dragan Covic, if he has copies of the decisions, guidelines and instructions he talked about in the interview, to present them to the public or to submit them to IZ Headquarters, and if he believes there are elements of criminal or any other responsibility, to address them the competent judicial authorities. Otherwise, the Islamic Community asks Covic to stop with false accusations and sowing discord among religious communities, peoples and citizens,” the statement said.

It is also stated that, unfortunately, this is not the first time that “representatives of radical nationalist politics among Croats wantonly and without consequences accuse the Islamic Community in order to create tensions in society and disrupt good neighbourly relations”.

They recalled how the former Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic spoke baselessly about thousands of returnees from the so-called ISIS in BiH.

the IZ in BiH also recalled that, together with representatives of the Catholic Church, they participate in the work of the Interreligious Council, and closely cooperate on the bilateral level, and that the disruption of those relations, as some Croat political representatives insist, would have far-reaching consequences.

Bosnia and Herzegovina held a general election on October 2 where the HDZ BiH member Borjana Kristo lost to Democratic Front's Zeljko Komsic in the run for Croat member of the BiH Presidency. Overall, the HDZ BiH improved its previous position in the state and Federation (FBiH) entity parliaments.