Konakovic, Dodik agree on priorities of work of new governments

NEWS 05.05.202315:50 0 komentara

Bosnia Foreign Minister and the leader of the NiP party Elmedin Konakovic met on Friday with his coalition partner at the state level Milorad Dodik, the President of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity and the leader of the SNSD party, to discuss the priorities of work of new governments. They said they would focus on the matters they agree on and those they do not will be put on hold.

“We discussed many issues with intention to unblock the developments and reach a higher degree of understanding. We talked today on adjusting and agreeing on the Law on Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Dodik, announcing a meeting of a joint commission for the next week, which will put efforts towards an agreement.

They also discussed the gas supply projects, with Dodik stressing that the Southern Interconnection project has never been a problem.

“We are ready to vote for that as soon as it comes on agenda. We said there was a certain degree of disagreement between the Bosniaks and the Croats, and that this cannot be conditioned with the Eastern Interconnection,” he said.

The entity president said they spoke about the deliver of US helicopters, adding that he has no problem to talk about this and other details.

As for the priorities on Bosnia's path to the European Union, Dodik emphasised that Brussels is not encouraging with its policy but that this will be discussed with Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi who is expected in Sarajevo on May 17 or 18.

“Regardless of some things that the minister or I have in the public discourse, so it is interpreted on this or that way, I think we have many reasons and adjusted approach on how to move on – without conditioning but solving what we can, and what we can't should be put on hold,” Dodik told media after the meeting.

Konakovic said they discussed the cooperation of two entity governments, the Federation's and Republika Srpska's, now that both governments have been formed after the elections.

“Those are two governments that matter for lives of ordinary people. We need to go back to the times when these two governments cooperated more. President Dodik said a few important things. We are actually still getting to know each other on this path of functioning, being aware that there was a lot of mistrust and betrayed agreements, that things were not functioning and that it is not easy to solve situations over the phone or taking a word,” said Konakovic.

He recalled that the new state government, formally the Council of Ministers, has so far solved over 400 issues that have not been solved for years.

“We agreed that regardless of some differences, there are the matters that we can agree on without conditioning, regardless of some of our public statements,” said Konakovic, adding that they will put great efforts in working on projects that will improve economic situation and raise salaries.

According to him, the projects concerning aforementioned interconnections will be on agenda of the Council of ministers soon.

“There will still be public disagreements, but there will be a lot of meetings and talks in order to solve the things that haven't been worked on,” stressed the minister, concluding that they have a responsibility to change the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to turn to compromises.