No major incidents in Sarajevo Canton during New Year's Eve

NEWS 01.01.202111:56 0 komentara

Sarajevo Canton's Interior Ministry said Friday they recorded no major incidents during the New Year's celebration, Fena news agency reported.

Compared to other New Year celebrations, this one was much calmer where no major incidents were reported,” Interior Ministry spokesperson Mirza Hadziabdic said.

He added that the Police Department recorded no injuries from the use of pyrotechnics.

Despite the lack of organizes celebration in the city centre, Sarajevans found ways to mark the passing of the old and entering into the new year.

Many had their own fireworks making the city look like one great party. Others, however, went to bars and cafes contrary to epidemiological measures ordered by the authorities which the cantonal inspectors fined timely, closing the bars immediately.

Sarajevo Mayor, Abdulah Skaka also visited the Canton's first responders saying their role in the society was indispensable.