Swede killed in Sarajevo allegedly linked to infamous Swedish gang

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On Tuesday, October 31, Swedish citizen Haris Osterdal (30) was liquidated in Sarajevo, and the Swedish media reported it as breaking news.

As the local Dagens Nyheter reports, the murdered Swedish citizen was connected to the infamous Rawa Majid, better known as the Kurdish Fox, who was at the head of the Foxtrot network.

As previously reported by the media, it is believed that the criminal network Foxtrot, headed by Iraqi Kurd Rawa Majid (37), who grew up in Uppsala and is currently in Turkey, is responsible for the latest wave of attacks in Sweden.

An internal rift in the Foxtrot network set off a bloody spiral of revenge. On one side of the conflict is the infamous leader Majid, and on the other side is his until now closest associate Ismail Abdo.

In the past few weeks, 12 people have been killed.

The spiral of violence began when Ismail Abdo's mother was killed in the Upsala district of Granby. The killing is believed to have been ordered by Majid.

Swedish SVT reports that this was preceded by two murders in Istanbul, Turkey.

An interesting coincidence is that four days ago, Swedish citizen V. M. (37), who is also a member of the infamous “Foxtrot” group, was arrested in Belgrade, at the request of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Allegedly, the arrested Swede in Belgrade was the main link in the drug ring. His task was to connect drug dealers from Serbia and Montenegro with “colleagues” from Scandinavia, that is, with members of his clan who further distributed narcotics.

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