OHR ambiguous regarding RS’ transfer of property to city of Doboj

NEWS 15.03.202308:53 0 komentara

The Office of the High Representative (OHR) told Fena news agency that the international community will closely monitor the case of the Government of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity has transferred the ownership of some 300,000 square meters at the Putnikovo brdo site to the City of Doboj, which was a military facility that has been registered as state property.

Fena was told that, in accordance with what the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed in its decision from 2012, the Constitution of BiH establishes that the State of BiH is the owner of state property, including non-perspective military property.

The OHR once again called on the political parties to adopt the state law on the distribution of state property, which would be in accordance with the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court, but they would not answer the question of whether the OHR, as a guarantor of the Dayton Peace Agreement, of which the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a part, would take concrete steps in this case.

“The adoption of the state law is the only way to ensure legal certainty and use the economic potential of this property. No one should question the rule of law,” OHR stated.

This decision was officially made with the aim of enabling certain investments that Doboj is planning, but it is against the repeated decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court, which shows the lack of a register for tracking assets under a prohibition of disposal.

Also, the RS President Milorad Dodik said that this entity will do everything to return all property to its jurisdiction with the new entity law on immovable property.