Sarajevo Mayor to file a complaint against persons from ‘Sarajevo Safari’ film

NEWS 13.09.2022 18:37

Sarajevo mayor Benjamina Karic said Tuesday that she will file a criminal complaint against unknown persons who spread death in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and those who aided them, as shown in the documentary called "Sarajevo Safari."

Karic stated that all those who watched the documentary were struck by the topic of this film, which talks about bounty hunters who paid to shoot innocent civilians during the siege of Sarajevo.

“Additionally worrying is the reaction of the Mayor of Istocno Sarajevo, Ljubisa Cosic, who, instead of calling for the aforementioned crimes to be investigated, announces the filing of a criminal complaint against the film director, Miran Zupanic. I will do everything I think is right and file a criminal complaint against the unknown persons who spread death in Sarajevo and those who aided them,” Karic stressed.

She then added that due to the nature of the crime, the City of Sarajevo will contact the Department for International Operational Police Cooperation at the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies in Bosnia and request the involvement of Interpol and Europol in the investigation of these terrible crimes.

Earlier on Tuesday, Istocno Sarajevo Mayor Ljubisa Cosic, announced that he will file a criminal complaint against the Slovenian director, Miran Zupanic, arguing that his documentary ‘Sarajevo Safari’ is full of “lies and fabrications.”

The film ‘Sarajevo Safari’ is a story about rich foreigners who allegedly paid money for the opportunity to shoot civilians in the besieged city from territory controlled by the Army of Republika Srpska. It was recently screened in Sarajevo.


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