Dodik says Republika Srpska’s secession time to come soon

NEWS 26.06.2022 20:03
Source: SRNA

The Republika Srpska (RS) entity must wait its time in international relations so it could be on its own, BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said Sunday.

“The world today is not the one from 10 years ago, because everything has become complex and problematic and everyone is wondering how long everything will last. There is a deficit of leaders in the west, because Angela Merkel has left. Great powerful leaders at the global level are the presidents of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, and the others are trying to build energy and every other security in Europe with unfinished politicians,” Dodik said at the 30th anniversary of Operation Corridor in Duga Njiva near Modrica.

“I say this because I’m convinced that the time will come very soon for an important decision of the Serb people. I never gave up on making Republika Srpska what it was on January 9, 1992. We formed the ‘Republic’ as our state and that is what we need,” said Dodik.

Life is unsustainable for Serbs in BiH, he said.

“We have been suffering in the Republika Srpska because of BiH all these years, and the great forces decided in 1995 that we must work together, even though only a few years earlier they broke up Yugoslavia in which Serbs, Croats and Muslims were dominant. Then they put us all in BiH,” says Dodik.

He said he was proud to speak with Russian Presidenc Vladimir Putin seven days ago.

“When I talked about these things and how I see the situation, Putin said Russia is not leaving its friends. Some have the hair on their heads stand when it comes to Russians. Why? The Russians are the ones who have historically shown that they have not done us any harm. They stopped the resolution of Great Britain in the UN that said Serbs were genocidal,” Dodik said.

He reiterated that Republika Srpska lives as a state and that Serbs have two states, the RS and Serbia.


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