Dron.ba presents: The Old City of Kljuc (VIDEO)

NEWS 29.09.202221:32 0 komentara

The old town of Kljuc, nestled along the banks of the Sana River, is located on high and steep rocks.

In cooperation with N1, Dron.ba brings you the bird’s eye view of the Old Town that is said to have had human settlements from before the Roman Era.

The first mention of this city was in 1322 in the documents of ban Stjepan II Kotromanic. In 1463, it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and it represented the last Royal Bosnian fortress.

During the 1463 Ottoman invasion, the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomasevic, took refuge in the city. His surrender and execution marked the downfall of the medieval Bosnian state.