Sarajevo delegations mark the day of battle for RBiH Presidency


The delegations of the Assembly and Government of Sarajevo Canton, as well as the City of Sarajevo, marked the 29th anniversary of the battle for the Presidency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina by laying flowers at the Kovaci cemetery, Sunday, as part of the "Days of Sarajevo Canton" event.

On that occasion, the Mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karic, stated that this is one of the most important dates for the defence of the city of Sarajevo, but also for the defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The delegation of the City of Sarajevo is here today to pay tribute to all the brave defenders who managed to save our country, our city, and I think this is the least we can do to thank all those who gave their lives for everything we live today,” Karic said adding:

“If we want a beautiful and bright future, we must take care of our history and we must always fight for the truth, because only in this way can we make progress in all fields.”

After the Kovaci cemetery, flowers were laid at the Memorial to the murdered children of besieged Sarajevo. During the day, the delegations will lay flowers at the “Lion” cemetery, the “Stadium” cemetery and at the central memorial to the martyrs and fallen fighters of the municipality of Novi Grad.

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