BiH Prosecution announces multiple indictments over Sky messaging app

NEWS 30.01.2023 12:41

Over a hundred suspects from 14 different agencies - police officers, lawyers, and even a judge and prosecutor - are included in the investigations concerning the Sky and Anom messaging applications, N1 learned from the BiH Prosecutor's Office on Monday.

“So far, there are over 100 suspects who have been detained in the past 16 months, of which 14 are from various police and law enforcement agencies, one or two lawyers, one Supreme Administrative Court judge in Bijeljina, and a former adviser in the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the BiH Prosecutor's Office said.

The Prosecutor's Office recalled that the Disciplinary Prosecutor’s Office suspended the prosecutor Diana Kajmakovic precisely because of these cases.

“Two indictments have been filed (Dalibor Railic et al., Ratkovic Sasa et al.), and indictments are expected to be filed in several cases in the coming months,” the BiH Prosecutor's Office concluded.

The latest information from the local media says that the head of the contact point for EUROPOL for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spomenka Markulj, has been dismissed and that her dismissal was related to the “Sky” cases.

The BiH Border Police neither deny nor confirm the Avaz daily report that the head of Bosnia's contact point with EUROPOL was dismissed due to her involvement in the “Sky” affair.

Bosnia's Chief Prosecutor Milanko Kajganic has repeatedly warned that the institutions for the fight against organized crime are contaminated.


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