Bosnia's Sabina Cudic receives Women in Politics Champion of the Year award

NEWS 28.11.2021 14:12
Source: Naša stranka

The president of the main board of the Nasa Stranka (Our Party) in Bosnia, Sabina Cudic, received the "Women in Politics - Champion of the Year" award in Brussels.

Cudic received the award from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) party’s Alliance Of Her platform.

“I am extremely honoured with the award. At a time of a growing radical right and extremism, more than ever, recognition is needed for leaders who resist these forces. It is especially important that they receive this encouragement from ALDE, the third strongest political group in the European Parliament, but also from the European Parliament itself, which, like ALDE, stands behind this award,” Cudic said.

“In my speech, I dedicated the award to the girls of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe who, despite obstacles, stubbornly and diligently refuse to give up,” she said.


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