Dodik demands BiH Presidency Chair's resignation over UN Security Council speech

NEWS 17.05.2022 14:11

Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, asked for the resignation of his colleague Sefik Dzaferovic, the Bosniak Presidency member and currently the Chairman of the rotating Presidency, over the recent address at the UN Security Council for which, as Dodik said, Dzaferovic had no consent of the Presidency.

“We held the Presidency session with the well-known agenda, but the main thing we tried to discuss here and which is why I asked Dzaferovic to resign is because he breached the Constitution. He works unilaterally,” Dodik said following the Presidency session on Tuesday.

As he said prior to the UN Security Council session on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dzaferovic presented his own stances there.

“If he does not do that (resign) by next week, I will demand his dismissal,” Dodik stressed.

The Presidency member noted that this was an “institutional collapse” of Bosnia and Herzegovina, noting that there were clear procedures and that Dzaferovic was presenting his own interests.

Dodik also said he filed criminal complaints against Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic and BiH Ambassador to the UN Sven Alkalaj for what he called uncoordinated actions towards the international community.

He noted that Turkovic is trying to rely on the foreign policy strategy and to use the war in Ukraine.

“This is a farce and this leads to nowhere,” Dodik added.

According to him, having a neutral status is the best option.

“If the Presidency Chairman behaves like this, then it is an unacceptable practice. The only competent place is the Presidency of BiH for every specific decision, there has to be an instruction whether we are accepting it or not,” said Dodik, adding that he would not be forgiven if he had done anything like that.


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