Serbian Interior Minister asks Zagreb for explanation over Borovo incident


Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin announced that he had officially asked his Croatian colleagues to provide an explanation regarding the incident that happened Sunday in Borovo Selo, Croatia, when a group of football fans shouted "Oh, my Croatian mother, we will slaughter Serbs" (“Oj Hrvatska mati, Srbe cemo klati”).

“If everything that is on the video shared via social networks is true, I asked them to do everything so that the so-called fans and police officers who guarded them while they threatened the Serbs with death, were punished appropriately,” Vulin said in a written statement.

He pointed out that “Ustasha savagery in places where Serbs live in Croatia is not news, even when their death is called for Orthodox Easter, but it is news that the police obediently follow the thugs and cowards while threatening Serbs with slaughter and killing.”

“The fact that there Ustasha exist doesn’t say anything about Croats or the Croatian state, but if they and the police officers who protected them are not punished, it will say a lot about Croats and the Croatian state,” Vulin said.

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