Several BiH citizens asked for consular help after earthquake in Turkey

NEWS 08.02.2023 18:59

Several Bosnian citizens turned to the BiH Consulate in Istanbul for help after the earthquake that hit that country, said Consul General Sinisa Mihailovic.

Mihailovic said that the Consulate was contacted by a woman from Sarajevo who could not get in touch with a BiH citizen living in Hatay, to whom she is related.

He stated that the Consulate requested all the information and that, as soon as they receive it, they will contact the Turkish authorities and see what is happening. “We hope that everything is fine,” Mihailovic said.

He stated that a BiH citizen who lives in Kahramanmaras, the city where the epicenter of the earthquake was, also addressed the Consulate.

“She had a humanitarian problem that we solved through Turkish humanitarian organizations and their institutions,” Mihailovic said.

An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, with several strong aftershocks, struck parts of Turkey and Syria on Monday morning, February 6.

The death toll in Turkey reached 8,574, while another 49,133 people were injured, while at least 2,500 people died in Syria.


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