Sarajevo Clinical Centre could sue media for allegations of patient neglect

NEWS 05.04.2021 16:33
Source: N1

The Sarajevo University Clinical Center (KCUS) CEO Sebija Izetbegovic characterized the Monday meeting with Sarajevo Canton's Health Minister Haris Vranic and members of the Cantonal Government, as astonishing, adding that the KCUS will sue all media outlets who published the allegations of patient neglect from an anonymous letter said to come from the KCUS employees.

“We started talking about the letters that were published via various portals and media outlets. We started talking about the first letter for which I said it was the subject of a police investigation, and that we hired lawyers. The letter is anonymous, it’s irrelevant. We will sue all the portals and televisions that waved that letter and journalists who participated in waving with the anonymous letter,” Izetbegovic said.

According to her, Minister Vranic asked why they did not pull the controversial ventilators, which are subject of a trial against the Prime Minister of Bosnia’s Federation entity Fadil Novalic and his associates, due to allegations that they are ineffective for the treatment of Covid patients and that they are even allegedly dangerous.

To this Izetbegovic said she told the Minister and Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Edin Forto that they will pull them from use straight away, just as soon as Vranic and Forto sign the order.

“As long as we have this certificate from Verlab (a verified repair company for ventilators and other sensitive medical equipment) which says that the device can be used primarily as a stationary one and that it can be portable if used with an oxygen bottle in an ambulance, we must not withdraw these ventilators because we would be liable to the families of patients, or a potential lawsuit from China, which can sue us for declaring their ventilators defective,” said Izetbegovic.

Several BiH media outlets published a letter allegedly written by Sarajevo University Clinical Centre employees who said they wished to remain anonymous, alleging that Covid patients are neglected and that their working conditions are unacceptable.

The letter paid particular attention to the ventilators, which were purchased last year in a controversial procedure that is currently a subject of a court trial, and whose adequacy for the clinical treatment of Covid patients was marked as questionable.

According to the signatories of the letter, these ventilators are useless and “chances of patients to survive on them are – zero.”

Doctor Izetbegovic concluded the press conference by saying that no ventilator has ever killed anyone, but noted that they are only a support device, not a cure for Covid.


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