A local rescues Hollywood stuntmen from Una river

Vahid Ponjević

An unusual situation occurred on the set of the 'Wild River 2' film in the northwestern Bosnia when a local jumped into the Una river to rescue two Hollywood stuntmen and prevent a potential incident.

“I worked as a security guard with a few more friends at the shooting of the holywood film ‘Wild River 2’. It was an ordinary day and the shooting was going as planned. There were no difficulties. I suddenly noticed that the stuntmen were captured in the waterfal and I had to react to avoid the worst scenario,” said Kurtagic, an avid whitewater kayaker.

The moment when Kurtagic rescued the stuntmen was captured by professional photographer, Vahid Ponjevic, whose online post has gone viral soon afterwards.

Describing the moment, Ponjevic said his fellow citizen, also known as ‘Rapid’, was the one rescuing the stuntmen, who normally have huge experience in such extreme situations but this time it was the other way around.

Speaking to online media outlet Faktor, Kurtagic said he was not thinking for a second what to do but immediatelly jumped into the cold river.

Universal Studios picked the northwestern Una National Park, particularly the Strbacki Buk waterfall, as one of the locations for its ‘Wild River 2’ film, produced by Daniel Kresmery.

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