EU flag in front of Croatian embassy in Sarajevo torn down, Croatia's untouched


Still unidentified perpetrator(s) made damage to the flagpole and European Union's flag displayed in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Sarajevo on Saturday night, while the flag of Croatia remained untouched.

According to a brief police report, one of the flags in front of the embassy, located in the central Titova Street, was damaged on Saturday night.

Sarajevo police inspected the crime scene and opened the investigation, actively searching for those involved in the incident, it was briefly confirmed for N1.

Speaking to Hina news agency, Croatian ambassador Ivan Sabolic said the incident probably occurred between 11 pm and midnight, during a curfew which the authorities imposed to contain the coronavirus spread.

The area concerned is covered by video surveillance. The building housing the Croatian embassy is in the city centre and near Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Ministry offices as well as the office of the country's presidency, Hina reported.

The top representatives of the Croat people in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday morning condemned the incident in the strongest terms.

“The Croat People's Assembly condemns the attack and demands a swift reaction of the police and judicial bodies, to identify and bring to justice the perpetrator. We advocate European Bosnia and Herzegovina, we live and fight for starting its journey to the European Union, unfortunately, such attempts of undermining all democratic principles are taking us several steps backwards,” said the Assembly, political organisation gathering Bosnian Croats.

The association also said Croatia was Bosnia's “true friend and strong support” in building European Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressing hope the good neighbourly and partner relations between the two countries will continue developing for the benefit of all peoples.