Bosnia's Islamic Community concerned over attempts to take away state property

NEWS 31.12.2022 16:39
Careva džamija u Sarajevu
Careva džamija u Sarajevu (IZu BiH)

Bosnia's Islamic Community expressed grave concern Saturday regarding the newly emerging separatist actions of the authorities in the Republika Srpska (RS) entity and the absence of a serious reaction by the majority of domestic political factors, as well as the High Representative and the international community. 

“The recent unilateral and unconstitutional decisions of the Banja Luka-based Assembly, in which Bosniaks now do not even have symbolic mechanisms to protect their interests and where all decision-making levers are in the hands of one people and one policy, are a serious violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and a threat to the stability and survival of the state,” the Islamic Community said.

They recalled that the High Representative of the international community, as the supreme interpreter of the civilian aspect of the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and the Constitutional Court of BiH, have the power to decide on what is constitutional and what is in accordance with the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Non-recognition of decisions of the Constitutional Court and decisions of the High Representative as well as unilateral interpretation of the Constitution and unconstitutional decisions of lower levels of government represent a clear violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement,” they warned.

Members of the Islamic Community, as stated in the statement, rightly suspect that this is a deliberately timed move that should use the transitional period of the formation of the government and the holidays in order to create new realities on the ground, where, contrary to the decisions of earlier high representatives and the Constitutional of the Court of BH, they continue to seize state property.


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