Economy expert expects other countries will join US in sanctioning Dodik

NEWS 05.01.2022 21:51

Svetlana Cenic, economy expert, told N1 she wished it was the Bosnian judiciary that imposed the sanctions on those who were sanctioned on Wednesday by US administration for corrupt activities and undermining of the country's stability. She expects that other countries will join the US in these measures and deems that Milorad Dodik, one of the sanctioned officials, will encounter significant financial losses due to the steps he is making.

Speaking in N1's Pressing, Cenic said the sanctions imposed by the US were only the beginning.

“I wish the sanctions were (imposed) by our judiciary, that there is a rule of law, that we make changes in elections. And that we have it somewhere in law to (be able to) insist on snap elections, and not this that when people from outside have to clean the country of corruption,” said Cenic.

Commenting on the sanctions that were imposed on Alternativna TV, a private TV station linked to Dodik through family ties, she said that he knows very well why it happened.

“They (the US) had a reason because of the way of informing, labelling, etc. Because ATV was, the others will also be affected by sanctions. And you will see, there are also silent sanctions, we've already seen that,” she stressed, referring to control of those who were linked to the blacklisted officials.

Asked what exactly the sanctions mean for Dodik, she explained that this will affect his finances and expenses. “But the question that remains is the money management and who is it registered on,” she added.


As for a possibility of other countries joining the US in imposing the sanctions on Dodik, Cenic replied that some countries will certainly do that, but that the European Union member states might do it individually as they cannot agree on the matter collectively.

She insisted on the importance of “silent sanctions,” noting that they are the worst. “You don't know what's happening, and nobody is meeting you or doing business with you,” she added.

Also, she made a reference to Dodik's ties with Russia.

“I would be worried if the Russians protected me, because their revenge is the hardest, most severe and there is no recovery from it,” Cenic added.

She deems that the sanctions on Dodik could become a burden to Serbia as well. She recalled of the words of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who said he could control Dodik so he should have done that.

“Because, on the other hand, if Germany joins and coordinates these actions with the US, it won't be good for Vucic. And we also have Russia which sent a clear message that there can be independent Republika Srpska (Bosnia's Serb-majority region) within Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that its territorial integrity, sovereignty and so on cannot be touched,” Cenic noted.

She believes that Dodik will encounter significant financial losses due to the steps he is making.


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