Improving investigation, prosecution in election fraud-related criminal charges

NEWS 24.05.2022 19:01
Source: Facebook

Sarajevo, 24 May 2022 - Representatives of the OSCE Mission to BiH and the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo met Tuesday with representatives of the Coordination of Prosecutors and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) to develop future joint activities aiming at improving investigation and prosecution in the election fraud-related criminal charges.  They also discussed functional coordination between the Central Election Commission of BiH (CEC) and relevant Prosecutor’s offices and courts throughout BiH.

The goal of discussed activities is to exchange experiences between the CEC officials on one side and prosecutors, judges and police officers on the other side, with an in-depth review of the prosecution of election fraud cases, from the filing of the criminal complaint, conducting the investigation to the main trial, rendering the verdict and potential appeal processes.

Representatives of the HJPC and the Coordination of Prosecutors welcomed the initiative and expressed strong support and full commitment to the announced activities.

These activities reflect the OSCE Mission’s ongoing efforts, in coordination with ODIHR, to assist BiH institutions in strengthening the integrity of BiH’s election process.


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