United Group CEO: Future lies in personalization


United Group CEO Victoriya Boklag said on Tuesday that the future lies in the personalization of pay-TV platforms which the company introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on the November 2021 Edition @Nextv Series Europe & CEE virtual conference, Boklag said that the United Group has seen changes in forms of consumption of media content. “The landscape is being redefined … I really see a big fight for audiences across all platforms,” she added.

According to her, United Group has a couple of dilemmas on the future. “We think the current platforms don’t really have a chance in winning over new generations,” she said and added that the company developed its own and introduced new platforms such as EON which is now available on markets with 40 million people. United Group also invested heavily in local content in an effort to create synergy between the eight markets it is present on because they are not all equal in terms of production, she said.

Speaking about new content, Boklag said that she was surprised to discover how many people watched the highlights of Euro 2020. “We introduced sports mode with artificial intelligence, machine learning to cut highlights from each match as a feature of the EON platform. It’s incredible how many people watch those highlights,” she said. The United Group CEO said that the company also introduced series binging allowing EON users to watch full series which has become very popular.

Boklag said that a lot of challenges are coming with the biggest among them being prepared for future generations who are very event oriented.