CNN lists Sarajevo-Mostar train journey as one of most beautiful ones in Europe

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, its cities and nature have once again been grouped among the top beautiful destinations in Europe and the world. This time, CNN listed the Sarajevo-Mostar railway among the top 10 most beautiful Europe's train journeys.

The route description said that the “road between Bosnia's whimsical capital and its tourist honeypot, pretty Mostar, is beautiful enough” but that the two-hour train journey is “another level.”

The railway stretches below “green mini mountains and ragged cliffs as it follows the emerald Neretva river,” the article said.

“You'll arrive in Mostar — one of CNN Travel's favorite small towns in Europe,” it added.

Besides the Sarajevo-Mostar train journey, CNN also picked as the most beautiful ones the railways connecting Florence and Naples, Barcelona and Montserrat, Nice and Ventimiglia, and others.

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