US, UK embassy condemn threats and insults sent to N1

NEWS 21.09.202317:57 0 komentara

After a series of attacks, threats, insults and attempts to damage the reputation of N1 television, the US Embassy in Sarajevo issued a statement Thursday strongly condemning the attacks. A similar statement was issued by the British Embassy to BiH.

They called for the creation of an environment for work without harassment and inappropriate pressure.

“We strongly condemn all threats directed against the media. The United States strongly supports media freedom and the right of all journalists to freedom of expression. Free and responsible media is one of the pillars of democracy,” the US Embassy stated in a reaction to N1.

the US Embassy called on all relevant authorities to create an environment in which the media can do their work without harassment, fear and or pressure.

the British Embassy called on the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation in all such cases.

“The United Kingdom has consistently emphasized that the media must be free to operate without pressure or intimidation. We strongly condemn any hate speech and incitement to violence. Attacks on journalists undermine freedom of speech in Bosnia and Herzegovina and create a hostile environment for media freedom throughout the country. We call on the responsible authorities to investigate in detail and take adequate steps in all such cases”, stated the embassy of Great Britain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following the latest cycle of threats, hate speech and pressure, N1 sent reports to the BiH Prosecutor's Office and State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) against several individuals.

Previously, the Association “BH Journalists” voiced their condemnation of the targeted, inappropriate and very dangerous manhunt that has been going on for months through the social networks Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) against Amir Zukić, the Editor in Chief of N1 TV.

The Association noted that several people from the criminal milieu published threatening video messages, cursed and spread hateful comments and death threats, questioning the personal and family safety of the N1’s Editor in Chief.