Minister: Sarajevo public transport company workers will receive their salaries

NEWS 21.05.202117:39 0 komentara
Protest radnika GRAS-a u Sarajevu
Foto: Faruk Zametica/N1

Public transport in Sarajevo will not be halted as the employees of the public transport operator GRAS will receive their salaries soon, Sarajevo Canton Transport Minister, Adnan Steta, said after meeting with representatives of the workers on Friday.

GRAS employees gathered to protest in front of the company headquarters on Friday to express their anger over unpaid salaries, the situation in the company and working conditions.


Some of the employees began a hunger strike on Tuesday.

The accounts of the company were blocked several months ago so the workers could not be paid their salaries.

Minister Steta said that the salaries will be paid, including to those workers who have previously sued the company over unpaid salaries – which is the reason why the accounts of GRAS were blocked.

He announced the reorganisation of the system in the company and that those who caused 300 million Bosnian Marks in losses and brought the company into such a situation will be held accountable.