Gold deposit was discovered in the area of Srebrenica

NEWS 27.11.2022 13:26
Srebrenica / za N1

The general director of the company "Drina resurs" from Srebrenica, Aleksandar Miskovic, said at the presentation of the results of the geological research carried out in the area of the Srebrenica municipality that gold was discovered at a depth of 80 meters at a location in the area of Brezani.

“It is too early to talk about the amount and percentage of that metal in a ton of ore, but it has been reliably established that it is in the ore structure,” said Miskovic.

He said that the company “Drina resurs”, which operates as part of the Canadian company “Tera Balkanika”, drilled a total of about 1,900 meters in the locations of Cumavici, Olovine and Brezani and that the results are promising.

He specified that in Cumavici, at a depth of 50 meters, a silver-zinc and lead ore with a larger admixture of antimony and a smaller admixture of gold was discovered.


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