US State Department: We will support any decision of the High Rep in Bosnia

NEWS 26.07.202218:36 0 komentara
State Department

The High Representative of the international community has the right to decide on whether he will use his Bonn Powers in Bosnia and the United States will support any decision he makes, a US State Department spokesperson told Voice of America (VOA).

VOA asked the US Department to comment on a potential decision by High Representative Christian Schmidt to impose electoral reform in the country.


Last week, N1 broke the story that, according to diplomatic sources, High Representative Christian Schmidt plans to use his ‘Bonn Powers’ to impose measures to secure the re-functioning of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) by August 1. The draft decision contains changes to the Election Law.

While Schmidt’s plan was welcomed by Bosnian Croat political parties, most notably the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), opponents argue the changes would lead to further systematic divisions in the country based on ethnicity.

Schmidt has so far not confirmed or denied that he plans to impose the decision.

According to the US State Department, decisions on the use of Bonn powers are exclusively up to the High Representative.

“He will choose whether, when and how to use them”, a spokesperson told VOA and added that the US will support “any decision that the High Representative makes”.