Bundestag okays deployment of Bundeswehr troops, adopts BiH resolution

NEWS 08.07.202217:11 0 komentara

The German parliament on Friday approved the redeployment of German troops in the EU-led EUFOR Althea mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina and adopted a resolution on BiH by a vast majority.

Ten years ago, the contingents of the Bundeswehr ceased participating in the EUFOR ALTHEA mission in charge of overseeing the military implementation of the Dayton Agreement.

The redeployment of up to 50 German troops for a period of no longer than one year was approved today by the German ruling Social Democrat-Green-Liberal coalition and also by deputies of the Christian Democratic opposition.

The redeployment of Bundeswehr troops in the EUFOR mission is justified by the worsening security situation in BiH.

A resolution called – To Support Bosnia and Herzegovina on a journey to a better future – was also adopted, and the document urges the German government to step up its engagement in that Southeast European country.

The 22-point resolution deplores the nationalistic aspirations of the Bosniak, the Serb and the Croat sides, and it also condemns the separatist tendencies of Bosnian Serb and Croat leaders: Milorad Dodik and Dragan Covic. However, the fact that the document makes no mention of Bosniak leader Bakir Izetebgović as a promoter of nationalistic policies has caused disputes among members of the SPD group.

The paper also urges political leaders in Serbia and Croatia to distance themselves from the separatist forces in BiH.