Over 800 BiH Armed Forces members taking part in ‘Combined Effort 22’ exercise

NEWS 13.09.202215:54 0 komentara

Over 800 members of the Light Infantry Battalion Group (LIBG) of BiH Armed Forces (AFBiH), dedicated to future international operations, will participate in the "Combined Effort 22" exercise at the military training ground "Manjaca" from September 19 to 23, for evaluation according to the NATO Operational Capabilities Concept (NEL-2).

Announcing the realization of this exercise, the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sifet Podzic expressed his expectation LIVG troops will be up to the task and successfully completing the final evaluation phase (NEL-2).

In reviewing the importance of the exercise, the Chief of the AFBiH Joint Staff, Colonel General Senad Masovic, assessed that it is the most significant event in the training plan of the AFBiH in 2022.

He noted that the NATO operational capability assessment program is a practical tool, which was adopted at the NATO Summit in 1999, with the priority goal of raising the level of interoperability and coordination of activities between NATO members and partners.

General Masovic noted that the AFBiH are ready for the final NEL-2 evaluation and that, although they operate in difficult financial conditions, they once again demonstrated their determination to grow into a respectable armed force that acts in the interest of the state and all its citizens.