Srebrenica Mayor: Bosniaks will exit polls despite pro-Bosnian bloc's boycott

NEWS 16.02.2021 20:43

The incumbent Srebrenica Mayor running for the second turn, Mladen Grujicic, spoke for N1 about the pro-Bosnian 'Initiative for Srebrenica's' decision to boycott the local elections in this city saying that Bosniaks will exit the polls and vote.

“We prepared the [previous] elections the best we could but politics intervened. We continued to work on ensuring fair elections so we could dissuade those who doubted them and said there was election fraud here and that their victory was guaranteed. Sadik Ahmetovic, Camil Durakovic and Alija Tabakovic did this. They are the bearers of all these activities that were designed before the election, because on election night itself when they saw that my victory was unstoppable, they declared victory. After that, they demanded the annulment of the elections, they (the elections) were annulled, and now they are boycotting the elections because they realized that Alija can’t win in Srebrenica,” Grujicic pointed out.

When asked by N1’s reporter Adisa Imamovic if he thought that 800 ballots that were not recognized would not go in Tabakovic's favour, he answered:

“Regardless, some votes that arrived by mail for me as Mayor were also not recognized, but even so, the advantage was unattainable.”

He also said that there are citizens who will not boycott the elections.

“Bosniaks will exit the polls. In talking to them, I realized that they don’t support this decision because these representatives didn’t represent them in the right way. They (the candidates) remember them only prior to the elections and before July 11 (genocide anniversary), so they could raise their ratings. They did not fight for burning issues in Srebrenica,” Grujicic noted.

Earlier last week, the pro-Bosnian bloc “Initiative for Srebrenica” said they will boycott the repeat election because they say election fraud and election engineering is still present, and that nothing had changed from the first time the state election watchdog annulled the election because of the same reasons – election fraud.


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